Introducing Home Pro Partners

Home Pro Partners

Home Pro Partners uses the power of  trusted referral partners to bring together homeowners seeking skilled labor professionals.

As a home professional, you know the best leads you receive are from direct referrals from other professionals in your network or leads from past clients.

Home Pro Partner’s mission is to help you build out your own profile and then expand the value you bring to your customers by adding other home pros that you know and trust to your page.

So how does that all work, read on below…

Home Pro Partners Homepage

Profile Cards

Every home professional who publishes a profile has a “profile card” with their logo, company name, short bio, industry category, phone number and links to their website and common social media accounts. This card is how you will be discovered through our State, Category and Zip Code filters found at the top of the homepage.

Do you offer a military discount? If so, a little flag will show up in the top left corner of your profile card. This makes it easy for homeowners to quickly find pros who support our veterans and active armed forces.

Having trusted partners linked to your profile are also an important part of your profile, when you add other home pros to your profile we display an icon and the number of partners you know and trust in the top right of your profile card. The more partners you have the more trustworthy you are to homeowners.

Example Profile Card

Profile Details

In addition to your profile card, you also have a full profile details page with a unique URL specific to your company that you can share on social media, add it to your business card, website and many other places.

On the left side of your details page, we basically repeat the content from your profile card, it’s a “quick glance” area for homeowners to quickly get information about your company with the addition of a few other items.

A homeowner can quickly send you an email using our “Contact Professional” button/form, customers can contact you directly, no lead fees and it’s sent only to you, not your competitors.

We also show your city and state, the date of when you joined and last signed onto the site and tags / skills that you choose to add to your profile. Logging into the site every day or two shows customers that you are active on the site, which builds trust with homeowners.


Example Profile

Profile Details Continued...

The right column of your custom profile page is where you get to add more detailed information about you and your company. We give you a free-form text area to enter as detailed of bio as you wish, we also support “Markdown” which is a simple to use formatting syntax that you can add to your content to style it, such as making some text bold, or italic, or create a list, link to photos, videos and quite a bit more. If you need help with this, feel free to reach out.

At the top of the right column, we have several tabs: Biography, Projects and Trusted Partners. By default we only show the Biography tab to the public, however as soon as you add a “Project” or a “Trusted Partner” then we show these tabs as well.

We’ll get back to these tabs in a bit, but wanted to mention that we again show that you offer a Military discount and in the footer of your profile we show up-to 10 zip codes of service areas your company works in, you simply add these when you manage your profile settings.

Home Pro Partners Projects


Do you have a portfolio of projects you have worked on? Maybe you do a lot of painting, or flooring or woodwork and you want to show photos of your work to potential clients. We allow you to create as many “projects” as you want to showcase your work.

 Each project has a title, date, URL, description and of course a place for photos as well.

Potential clients love to see the quality of work you provide, we encourage you to constantly add projects and photos to your profile to showcase a wide range of your skills.


Trusted Partners

Trusted Partners

The last big piece of your profile that we’d like to talk about is in our mind, one of the most important aspects of your profile: Trusted Partners.

As we mentioned at the start of this article, homeowners are constantly asking the home professionals that they know, if you can referrer them to other professionals. For instance, maybe they did their flooring, they may ask their flooring person if they know a good painter, or electrician, or plumber, the list goes on forever.

Imagine being able to quickly provide a link to your Home Pro Partners profile to your client with a list of all the other home pros that you know and trust. Your client would be able to easily research the home pros that you recommend and quickly reach out if they choose to move forward.

Your clients will see significant value in your recommendations which leads to continued trust between you and your client. Plus, you help support the professionals you know, which makes them more successful!

It’s a Win / Win / Win! 

Wrapping Up...

We hope you will take some time and take a look at Home Pro Partners, we are just starting out and know it will take time to win your trust and for us to provide consistent traffic to our members, it will just take time and hope you’ll join us as we start this journey.

We are confident homeowners will quickly see the value of warm introductions to your trusted partners. Plus, other pros can add you as a trusted partner to their profiles as well.

We thank you and look forward to promoting you through Home Pro Partners!


Home Pro Partners

Home Pro Partners

Skilled laborers... publish a Home Pro Partner profile and invite trusted referral partners to your company profile.

Reach new customers with Home Pro Partners, no lead fees, no gimmicks, no hassle.